The Wifey’s Diary

*An extremely backdated post*

Words could not express how excited my hubby and I was that very morning, 14 weeks ago when we see a clear blue cross on the pee stick. I was only 4 days late when I did the test and therefore, I wasn’t really that convienced that the result was accurate. I bought myself another test kit a week later and we’ve the same result. *smiles*

The result

Wow wee.. we’ll be expecting our first bundle of joy this coming November!


I’m Hiddenray. Once an active blogger who blogs for fun and money. Made a couple of friends over the Internet and was having a great time withdrawing her monthly earnings from her Paypal account. Retired from the blogging blogmosphere for a couple of months and now return with a very low profiled biodata.  What to do, hands are itching to write once again. This time around, it’s not for the money, it’s something else…